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I often wonder what life would be,

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#1 Why does Alaric Saltzman come to Mystic Falls?

Oops! Not Quite…

#2 Johnathan Gilbert writes in his journal about seeing the vampire who killed him. How was he able to write about his own death after it had already happened?

Oops! Not exactly…

#3 What did Elena and Stefan have in common when they first met?

Yeeaaahh that’s not it…

#4 Who is the first person to tell Elena that she is adopted?

How could you??? Wrong!

#5 Why is Jenna the legal guardian of Elena and Jeremy?

C’mon! You should know this one!

#6 What is Elena’s brother’s name?

Have you ever even seen this show???


The Vampire Diaries Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your favorite residents in Mystic Falls?