Go by VideoRemix Review – I’ll be needing a Refund…or 2.

What on earth is Go???


Go by VideoRemix is a video creation software that helps you create brilliant eye-catching videos for use in advertising or client-acquisition.  It consists of short video templates that you can incorporate with music and text, using this platform and end up creating something that almost looks like a professional TV commercial.

The target market here are solopreneurs whose bread and butter consists mainly of providing advertising services to small businesses. Therefore, the Go by VideoRemix basic package comes with 21 ad templates pre-created and included for the most common small business clients that this target market might have such as Dental Offices, Bakeries, Auto Mechanic shops, Bars, Restaurants, etc.

However, probably the best thing about the software is the personalization factor. Using the power of Facebook and geo-targeting, the video ad you created has tags in it that will actually address the watcher by name and refer to their actual city or state depending on how you set it up. For example, if I were watching an ad for a storage facility on Facebook, I might see the text say something like “Estelle, are you looking for a secure storage facility in Texas?” And the fields in bold (in this case, name & state) would be tailored to each and every person watching the ad. This is quite a revolutionary way to advertise on social-media, I can definitely see how this would increase click-through rates and probably conversions.

I ‘Ain’t Mad At Them… Well Not Really…


Go by VideoRemix is being sold through JVZoo and an army of not regular affiliates but super-affiliates, I mean the big boys of affiliate marketing who definitely know how to spin a good tale. Before you have found this review, I would not be surprised if you had already come across dozens of “Reviews” written by the usual suspects which include the word “Scam” as click-bait. Only for you to start reading and find that they are providing not even a clear description of what they are asking you to buy, just lots of sensationalism and cliche phrases and testimonials of how much money this person or that person made from using the product they are promoting.

By the way, speaking of testimonials, there is a popular one in particular that references an 11-yr old girl who has allegedly made X amount of dollars using Go by VideoRemix. I’m not saying she did or did not make the money, what I am saying is that in her testimonial video, whoever shot it did not even take the time to make it look right. She is cute and adorable and spunky and obviously reading off a prompter to the left of the camera, you can tell from her eye-line (LOL! Adorable!!) and how she makes very little eye contact. Probably because rather than allow her to speak in a genuine and insightful way about her business is and how she used the software, which could actually have been helpful to potential buyers, they chose to make her say something sales-y like, “If an 11-yr old can do it, what’s stopping you?”

Omg!!! The horror! I was cringing the whole time! Like why would anyone make her say something so self-deprecating? And who’s to say that 11-yr olds don’t know much more than most of us adults do about making money and even life in general? For one thing, they’ve had less time to become tainted and negatively conditioned by society at large. In my opinion, that’s exactly who we should be learning from, not so-called “gurus” who receive adulation for being financially successful while remaining virtually stunted in their own personal growth.

But I digress, so let’s talk Sales Funnels! Yay!!


Come on, as IM’s we all love a good funnel right? Absolutely! It’s all part of the game of being wooed and courted as you move through up-sells or OTO’s as people prefer to call them, sounds a little less about sales-y that way right? …wink wink.

Yes, it was a lot of fun, my credit card got a good work out all the way down that funnel. Each new offer more delightful than the last, the sales copy praising and complimenting me the whole time for being smart enough to “invest in myself” and for seeing the potential of this amazing product and all the great things it could and would do in my business! And I enjoyed every minute of it, I drank it all in like soup. Mmmm yummy!

You see friends, since we now live in the days of “Netflix and chill” when guys no longer see the need for wooing and courting a lady. Therefore, going through a sales funnel is now the next best thing for me, seeing as I unfortunately do not live in a Jane Austen novel. But again, I digress. My apologies, let me get back to the sales funnel.

Aside from the basic product where you can edit and utilize the pre-loaded templates, Go by VideoRemix also comes with 4 delicious up-sells which makes for a total of 5 products altogether. “Five!!???” You say? Why, yes indeed my friend, which made for almost an hour of me being charmed and adored the whole way. Oh yes, and as I mentioned before, I did go through the whole thing. Partially, it was for the wooing but then also by the time I was got to like step 3 of 5, my scientific curiosity began to get the better of me. I couldn’t stop then, this was now about research, I was a science major in college and let me tell you, that programming stays with you. So I simply had to see this experiment to it’s conclusion, to see just how far down the rabbit hole this would lead. I have to tell you that just when it began to seem like it would never end, like I would be sitting here all day reveling in this new romance and depleting my bank account then all of a sudden, I got to step 5…. and it was over… just like that… like a one-minute man (ladies, you know what I’m taking about :)) … there was a Thank You Page and the courtship was finished… the fun was over and we were now a bona-fide married couple. Damn!

By the way here are the up-sells you will encounter, should you be the next one wooed:

  1. Go by Video Remix – $47 one time
  2. Go Upgrade 1 – Template Generator – $35/month
  3. Go Upgrade 2 – CTA (Call To Action) Templates – $27 one time (I didn’t get this one as it seemed just a bit superfluous)
  4. Go Upgrade 3 – Complete Done-For-You Fast Track To Success – $97 one time
  5. Go Upgrade 4 – Masterclass Coaching Call – $197

Yeesssss, friends, I bring you the facts… and receipts.

So anyway, I didn’t have the time to sit around feeling used and mourning the coitus interruptus because I was excited about getting started  and playing with the software to see what I could do with it… in other words setting up house. And just like with most marriages, this is when the problems began.

Trouble in Paradise? Comes right after the honeymoon phase…


First of all, I believe I may have heard something about the software being in Beta. Well all I can say is navigating this thing felt like it was in Alpha at best…matter of fact… forget that, it actually felt like it needed to be taken all the way back to the functional specifications stage because, honey, that thing was gliiiiiiiiiitchy!

On more than one occasion during my exploration, I clicked on an icon to find out what it did, only for my entire screen to go blank and for all my work to be lost. It would have been far more frustrating if I hadn’t been in learning mode. In line with this, most of the icons do not tell you anything when you hover over them, like why not? What decade are we in? When I use ANY software product, I expect to always be given the ability to “Hover To Discover”(Epic’s permission is hereby requested). It’s how I learn, man! We live in an age where user experience is one of the cornerstones of software development and man, as a slightly savvy user I was NOT having a good experience at all.

Eventually, I figured out how to marginally create something by curtailing my enthusiasm and trying not to keep getting all frisky with the icon clicking  and heaved a huge sigh of relief, much like preparing your first meal in your new house as a married couple. Then my husband started playing games and I was like wtf???

For instance, I totally expected to receive communication pertaining to each and every one of my newly acquired upsells. But nothing came. I finally figured out how to navigate to the area where OTO #3 would be housed only to be confronted with pages that said, “Coming Soon”. (I bet you are, one-minute man).


Anyway, I was understandably confounded, seeing as my money was not coming (to them) soon, because they already had it. Therefore, I saw no reason why the products I purchased should not also be in my hands (or on my dashboard to be precise) at the same time, it just didn’t seem fair.

Marriage Counselling anyone???


Still wanting the marriage to work out, I decided to seek couple’s counselling by contacting Go by VideoRemix’s Customer Service department. Ha! More like Customer Disservice. My first email was asking about why I wasn’t seeing my upsells reflected. Here’s the response I got back:

Wait. What the what??? I now have to provide evidence that my money was in fact given to the very party who is now in possession of said money?? Ummm naa fam, I shouldn’t have to work this hard. Like uh uh, No sir. So I didn’t.

Next, I headed over to the training area to see what tutorials were available. Only to find a bunch of video where the screen looked like this:

Which bore absolutely no resemblance to my actual dashboard which had totally different options and where the screen looked like this:

Like damn, son! Did they think I wouldn’t notice that the tutorials were for a completely different product? Probably their actual flagship product which starts at $49/month for the most basic package. I am assuming that Go by VideoRemix is supposed to be an abbreviated and lower cost version of that, with fewer bells and whistles. Thanks for rubbing it in, guys. Now I’m sad coz I really wanted all the bells and whistles. Smh.

As I write this, I still have heard nothing about OTO #4, the Masterclass Coaching Call. Therefore, I will definitely be seeking a refund on that and probably #3 as well, seeing as these guys seem to just be making it up as they go along.

Oh and before I forget, there was also this other delightfully snide gem from Customer (dis)Service:

I know right? The dude was totally like, “Naaa, people! I don’t get paid enough to deal with your spamy requests for help and your whining. Take heed or you WILL be deleted!” Lmao. I just cannot deal.

The Bottom-Line, You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…


All-in-all, it’s not a bad product to play around with. Even in it’s current glitchy state where things resize themselves of their own accord, totally ignoring you and your efforts to implement your own design aesthetic.  Even when pages vanish and you have to start over, even when entire portions of what you’ve already paid for have not yet been created and nobody told you you’d have to wait. Yes in spite of all that, honestly, it’s quite entertaining and it does have great potential.

For this reason, I will not be getting rid of the entire thing. I will most like only seek refunds for OTO’s #3 and #4 because clearly, these guys are not yet ready to handle such great responsibility. So I’ll take it off their hands and re-invest the money in some other tool.

Wow, this was oddly therapeutic! I went from seething with rage when I first began to write this review to laughing and having a great time. Well there you have it, my honest to goodness review of Go by VideoRemix. To keep things honest, I will not be attaching any affiliate links.

I just really wanted you to have the very best information. so you could make the decision that’s right for you, with regards to whether or not to purchase.

Till next time, remember to:

Live Your Life, With Great Elan & Fabulousity!


Estelle de Pompadour