What is Valentine’s Day Really? (He)

Have you forgotten again…?

He said: I wish I had, there is nothing worse that being told to feel a certain type of way on some given day of the year, “I love you MOST on this day, and all others I’m allowed to take you for granted as long as I make some grand gesture on this Corporate Standardized Holiday.

She said: Tell me how you REALLY feel… (eyes roll)

He said: This isn’t how one should feel but it’s a point that has to be made. Corporate Holidays are just that, a ploy to get everyday feelings paced into one day so you can go spend money on something otherwise reserved for an official special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or legit celebration of the love you share with someone, I’m not against the thought but it makes me wonder why so much is placed on one day when there are more than 360 to speak of that you can place significance upon that can mean far more than a box of sweets in a heart shaped box…

She said: Am I not worth the effort?

He said: You are worth more than just the mere effort, but that’s not to say that I shouldn’t go out and get you something meaningful and shower you with extravagance, I just don’t like the obligatory day as agreed upon by someone in a big office with something to gain. Give me a chance to acclimate myself with the thought of merely being with you and maybe I’ll come up with some special thing to commemorate our time together, increase the meaningfulness of it all by lacing importance on a day or time period of my own choosing. Maybe I don’t want to celebrate only once a year, or maybe I want to wait for the 5-year timestamp, Shouldn’t I have a choice in how and when I express my own feelings…? With that said, Valentine’s Day might just be for the simpleton who needs a push every now and again to actually put thought into words, and a nice card is all it takes. For someone like me, the mere thought of being pushed to seemingly necessary yet arbitrary facilities sullies the whole experience and I’d rather not be forced.