This Is Not Hollywood! (He)

Exactly, we are not perfect… We are not made up of a team of brilliant minds, stuck in a room and paid to come up with a mold that appeals to the masses. We are not the ideal body type, personality and temperament depicted in your favorite Jane Austen novel, drama or anything of the like, we are human, simply put. Most of us have things that we need to work on and some of us will always be striving to push the limits of our abilities and interactions, but we won’t have the right things to say in every moment, we won’t have the perfect job when you meet us and we won’t look the way you dream of right away, but that doesn’t mean that none of us are striving to become that, at nauseum but also with great futility.

She said: Do go on, Mr. Bennet

He said: Most of us are more akin to a Mr. Collins, if you want me to be honest. The plain looking womanizer, thinking he is the gift to all women, still living at home with his father until the shackles are removed and he can venture out on his own. Further, there might be more like Mr. Bingley in the world than Mr. Darcy, but that doesn’t mean there are not traits of both within the same man. We must remember that Hollywood is mostly fiction, made to appeal to a wider audience, and henceforth, make money for those involved. Once we look upon our forms of entertainment to dictate our personal lives then we have begun to lose the very grip we have on reality altogether. Art merely imitates life, it doesn’t portray it with any sense of authenticity, but rather to make you think that it is by placing small bits and pieces lots can relate to so you might think that you can encounter this same experience, again with great futility, which is why we go out and buy these books and movies at all. If real life was depicted in entertainment then it would be as drab and boring as your idle Tuesday after work, barely holding your attention and basically uneventful as a whole. If you ask me, Hollywood does a great job in creating a sense of wonder in life that it makes us go out and seek the best, or at the very least, be the best we can be, allowing us to create the very stories we read and watch every day, further allowing the imagination to come up with such wonderful worlds, people and events therein, just so we can be swept away into a fantasy that we can only dream of.