Can we talk AFTER the game? (He)

My dear, this is the only time during the week that I can sit and have a beer, watching or doing something that takes my mind off of the monotonous week. My daily routine gives me so little excitement that I need this small window to get me into the mode of feeling like there’s more within me than the weekly slosh to and fro that keeps food in our bellies and a roof over our head. This is not to say that you don’t contribute and further not to say that what you have to talk about isn’t important, what it is to say is that once I get in front of this game, I need to check out for these (X amount of hours) in order to just get back to center and be ready to take on the world without taking my frustrations out upon it like a madman.

It isn’t easy, but someone has to do the things a man does around here, and as much as I want to cater to you and your feelings on a daily basis, I i need some time to cater to mine as well. This isn’t me being insensitive or dismissive but we can have quality time together and that strengthens our bond so you can see the importance in having alone time to strengthen my own bond to myself. The game is an extension of reality that offers me a gateway into the mind of someone else, the ability to live vicariously through another’s eyes, a moment in time where the world isn’t just on a one track of commute, push papers, commute, repeat. I fell substance in this small amount of escape, relaxation and aside from what one might think, this is why I am able to continue, day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year after agonizing year, only advancing the increments allowed to me by the establishment and the subtle hand that drives me thereto. So, my love, this game is more than just an escape, it is a recharge and a refill, what one might call a mini-vacation, sitting here on my couch, beer and control in hand, on this recliner, in a whole new world where the me I see is better than the me I am, and with the right efforts, I can become this me I see in this world I escape to, bringing him into this very world we live in everyday.