Does this dress make me look fat? (HE)

He said:

No, and there is no way that I would ever admit to that fact even if I thought so. I know better than to insult your physique with a definitive statement to the contrary of your liking, I’m smarter than that so give me a little credit, and yourself included.

Now, if this were 200 years ago then we wouldn’t have all of these fancy magazines with their unrealistic point of view in marketing a slimmer look just so the designers and manufacturers can cut a smaller dress size and save on the bottom line.

She said: Oh, don’t be so dramatic…

He said: It’s true; the society we live in today is all about appearances so I completely understand why you would want to be considered on the likable side of society. The fact is that we all have to live with it until we grow a brain and decide to believe that we are beautiful just the way we are while not saying we have to be unhealthy, let ourselves go and not care about how we look. Wanting to look good was always part of society and I’m not against that, what I am against is this unrealistic point of view, shaming those who are not able to make that a reality for themselves today, coveting the most slender and petite, formless and scrawny individuals as the ideal, when in days past it was considered beautiful to have weight and be voluptuous in stature (mainly due to a thing about the black plague but we won’t get into that).

She said: (Aghast)

He said: Really my dear, you’re beautiful and I would never tell you any different. There is nothing wrong with having a little extra here and there, I prefer that to be more along the lines of ideal than the scant, withered and famished body types that most media outlets portray as the norm. Look at any runway model and all you see is flat boards, thin twigs and blades of grass, Sarah plain and tall is not average. Sandy is short and top-heavy, Marguerite is tall and muscular and Bonita has that apple-bottom the song raves about. All in all, don’t hate yourself because someone else thinks one way to look is the only way to look, you are beautiful no matter what size you can fit.